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Craig Kelly and Tony Abbott While some party figures readily acknowledge ongoing internal problems such as friction between the prime minister and his treasurer, Scott Morrison, and chest bumps and periodic ill-discipline such as a slip this week from the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, over the US refugee deal which led to him being rebuked by the foreign minister Julie Bishop several sources say the key conservative players remain steadfastly behind Turnbull. One senior government figure characterised Abbotts current outlook caustically as: zero partyroom support. Zero public support. Reduced to hanging out with the Star Wars bar scene freaks of the far right. Some government MPs remain concerned Abbotts bombardment may be paving the way for a tilt at the leadership by Dutton, who is the governments most significant conservative figure but other senior sources dismiss this as fanciful. The departing Liberal senator Cory Bernardi believes Abbott has his eyes on a return to the leadership. He recently expressed frustration that Abbott was using his departure from the Liberals as an opportunity to engage in proxy warring around the leadership. Pyne on Friday said the government did not intend to revive the unpopular austerity of Abbotts first budget. We wont doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 be slashing spending. Abbott tried that in 2014 and the budget during his leadership but, of course, a whole lot of zombie legislation sat in the Senate unable to be passed. Pyne said backbenchers such as Abbott were very welcome to state their views but vowed the government would not be distracted by some of these issues.